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Hi.... sorry for being lost...
by shine_nagai (shine_nagai)
at July 30th, 2006 (02:08 pm)

Okay, hevnt meet you in such a very LOOOOOONG time, now i brought you some presents! Two fanarts and my newest fanfiction! Still NejiHina and NaruHina all the way!!

So here you go!!

The Fanarts!!

Okies, there you go, the coloured version!

Okay, got too lazy to use the water paint for background... the best choice after it was editting it in photoshop, suck.... dammit, why did i chose pink!?

And here it goes, a NaruHina!! Yayayyayay!!

Okay... that's the BW verse, and now comes the coloured one: TADAAN!!

Okay.... still photoshop background... my laziness is worsening than ever, geee....

Also, a present for being lost in hell months!! a fanfiction!!!

A Long Waiting
Manga: Naruto
Genre: Hentai/Angst/Drama/Romance
Type: Continuation
Rate: 17+
Pairings: Hinata-Neji, Hinata-Naruto
Summary: Naruto finally knew that Hinata loved him, and deep inside his heart, he loved her back. However, his training with Jiraiya was the only thing that prevented him to be together with Hinata. Before he left, he said to Hinata to wait for him. Could Hinata do it, when her guardian, Hyuuga Neji, love her not as a cousin?

A Long Waiting
Chapter 1: Mattetatteba yo, Hinata…

Naruto sighed. He really sighed. He had only two days again in his village, and after that he would leave the place with Jiraiya. To train his strength in facing the Akatsuki was the reason. He would like to be strong, and that was one classification to be a Hokage.
But leaving the village for nearly two years was a hard thing.

Naruto laid his body at the empty space of the training field, watching at the clouds on the great azure sky. He started to imagine about his precious people would do if he was not in Konoha anymore.

What would Iruka-sensei be without his naughty boy?

What would Kakashi-sensei worry about if his number 1 surprising Ninja was not there to surprise him anymore?

What would Godaime heal if her loyal patient was not coming anymore to the hospital?

What would Konohamaru do when the blonde leader was not around?

What would Sakura feel if her best friend was gone?

What would Shikamaru, Kiba, Chouji, Neji, Lee, Shino and the others do if the loudest boy was not with them anymore?

And what about Hinata?

Hyuuga Hinata.

The memories of the raven haired girl passed on his head. Ever since the mission in search for the Bikouchuu, their relationship went well. Very well, indeed. Naruto really appreciated Hinata. The girl could hide her awesome strength beneath her shy characteristic.

Hinata was really nice, affectionate, and yet attracted him. He couldn't believe that Hinata was absolutely beautiful. And when he knew that the girl who was taking bath at the waterfall was Hinata, he dreamed about her almost every night. Naruto didn't feel sorry that he ever said that he like people like Hinata.

And now he admitted that he really like her.

Came to compare his feeling towards Hinata with his feeling for Sakura, Naruto felt a significant difference. With Sakura, he felt more… brotherly. He wanted to protect her, and made sure that she would end up with Sasuke. Sakura might be his first crush, but he only felt it that way, and then it was over.

But it was different with Hinata.

With her, Naruto felt something more than just a crush. He felt something warm in his heart, something that really comforted him. When he felt the happiness he has with her, he didn't want to let it go. He wanted to be with her, he wanted to protect her, and he wanted to make sure that Hinata would be only his.

Was it love?

Naruto smirked sarcastically to his self. It was too late to fall in love with Hinata. He knew that she did not have the same feeling he had towards her. He knew it. He could see it from her action whenever he stared at her right on her eyes. She would throw her face at another direction, and Naruto could not see her right on her cloud coloured eyes.

He knew that Hinata didn't love him.

Even if Hinata loved him back, it was too late for them to be together. Naruto would leave two days again. Less than 48 hours again. And he would not have enough time to be with her.

Naruto sighed again, pitying his self. This was for the first time he fell in love, but he should forget about it.

Maybe he could not ever find love.

Because he knew that Hinata never love him.


Naruto took a walk round the main street. He observed the views carefully, letting each of it entered his mind. So he would never forget about it, and he would never felt homesick.

Right in front of Ichiraku Ramen Restaurant, stood a small, but elegant flower shop. The Yamanaka's. The most famous and most visited flower shop in the hidden village. Naruto thought he would drop by for a moment, just to greet the owner and say a `bye' would be nice.

The bell clang when Naruto opened the door. It was cool inside the flower shop, the temperature was arranged well to keep the flowers fresh.

“Hi, Ino!” Naruto greeted the blonde girl who was arranging the small flower pots.

“Hey, Naruto!” Ino stopped her work, and removed her gardening glove, “What's up?”

“Nothing, just wanna drop by. It would be my last time to visit your shop in these two days,” Naruto observed the room, “nice arranging,” he praised.

“Thanks!” Ino smiled at him, “Did you remember, two years ago you've bought a small plant to put in your apartment, right?”

“Yes,” Naruto nodded his head, “his name is Ukicchi! And he is really healthy, though there was no addition in his height! It made me really worry, though!”

“That plant will never add its height anymore, that's the characteristic of the species!”
explained Ino.

“Sou ka…” said Naruto, “but I'm still worried about who would take care of Ukicchi when I'm gone.”

“Why don't you ask someone you like?” teased Ino, “Sakura would be nice, ne?”

“Hey, don't talk like I still have the crush on her, Ino! Now I only regard her as my sister!”

“Sorry, Naruto! I'm just kidding anyway! But I'm serious about my suggestion for Ukicchi,” said Ino seriously, “leave him to your trustful and loved person.”

“W- Why?” Naruto's cheek slightly blushed when the thought of his beloved person came to his mind. A certain raven haired girl.

“You could leave Ukicchi as your token of love, and you might see when you're back, if Ukicchi was taken really care by her, that means she loves you very much,” Ino smiled at him.

Naruto's eyes widened when hearing Ino's suggestion. He never thought that kind of idea. But came to think of it over again, would he be brave enough to confess his love for Hinata, and ask her to take care of?

“Hey, Naruto! What's wrong?” Ino waved her hand in front of Naruto's face.

“Uh-” Naruto awaked, “nothing, sorry! Well… err, I'm leaving now, Ino!”

“Wait, Naruto!” Ino called before Naruto opened the door.

“What?” he asked, hand holding on the door handle.

“Sakura came to my shop just now, and she said to me if you came here, you should meet him,” said Ino.

“What for?” Naruto's forehead wrinkled in question.

“Not really know about it, but she mumbled something about farewell party,” told Ino.

`Farewell party? Will Hinata come?'

“Ugh, it seems that I should meet Sakura quickly,” said Naruto as he pushed the door, “Jya ne, Ino!”

Ino smiled at the boy, and wore her gardening glove again.


Naruto searched along the street for a pink haired girl. Haruno Sakura it was. Meeting her to ask about the farewell party was his reason. He would ask about the time, about the place, and about the guests. And he hoped for the girl him willing for to come at the party.

“Naruto! There you are!” Sakura called him. She approached him quickly and her breath was rapid.

“Sakura-chan!” called Naruto, “I've been looking for you too! I've heard about the farewell party from Ino!”

“I've searched for you at every place, Naruto! And now I finally found you after two hours of looking!” Sakura glared at him, “WHERE THE HELL YOU WENT, IDIOT!?”

“S- Sorry, Sakura-chan!” Naruto apologized, “I went to the Hokage hills before I visited Ino's shop!”

“Huh, luckily I found you, Naruto… shannaro…”

“Sorry,” Naruto grinned.

“Anyway, I wanna tell you about the party, Naruto,” said Sakura as she tidied her hair, “it will be held on Tsunade-sama's house. She declared the idea, though!”

“When will it be?”

“Tomorrow, at 4 pm! On the next day you will leave in the morning, right?”

“Yuppie,” Naruto nodded his head, “Oh yeah Sakura, about the guests-”

“Oh, every rookie team will come, and also Neji-san's team! And some Chuunin and Jyounin that you know well. Tsunade-sama said that this party only for your special people,” explained Sakura.

“Err… will Hinata come?” asked Naruto. He tried to act nonchalantly with it, but Sakura noticed the eagerness in his voice.

“I've asked her before, and she was the first one… but she said she couldn't come… I felt sorry for it, Naruto…” Sakura sympathized.

“Oh… well, I've thought so…” Naruto scratched his head disappointedly, “she didn't like me, so she wouldn't like to come,” said Naruto gloomily.

“HEY! WHO SAID THAT SHE DIDN”T LIKE YOU!?” yelled Sakura furiously.

“No one, that was what I think!” reasoned Naruto, quite surprised by Sakura's sudden angriness, “she always looked to another direction whenever I tried to look at her straight on her eyes!”

“SHANNARO, YOU IDIOT!!!” Sakura smacked Naruto's head furiously, “SHE DID THAT BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO SHY, YOU DENSE DOPE!”

“W- WHAT!?” Naruto rubbed his head in surprise, “SH- SHY!?”

“Yes,” said Sakura as she could regain control of herself, “Naruto, you are a real dense! Did
you ever notice that Hinata likes you!?”

“WHAT!?” Naruto repeated the same statement.

Sakura mumbled `a real dense idiot' for several times before she continued, “Naruto, Hinata loves you from a long time ago! She loves you from our first year in the academy! For hell, Naruto… everybody has noticed that she loves you, but you didn't know!?”

Naruto stupefied at the fact. The girl he loved, Hyuuga Hinata, actually loved him from the beginning of their academy years!? That have passed more than three years, and he didn't notice it earlier. Maybe Sakura was right, he was a real dense idiot.

“I didn't know about it, Sakura-chan! I thought all the actions she did to me because she didn't like me!” said Naruto.

“Mou, you idiot… she loves you for ages. All her worries were for you! You should know how she looks when I told her that you made a blood vow on the Chuunin exam… I heard that she couldn't sleep for several days because of her happiness,” said Sakura.

“Hinata… she loves me?” said Naruto, still gaping.

“Yes, absolutely! And don't tell me that you don't like her!” demanded Sakura.

“But, Sakura-chan… if she really loves me, why did she resist coming at the farewell party?” asked Naruto.

“Dense idiot! She couldn't bear to say goodbye to you! Do you think a girl could stand still when hearing her beloved person was leaving for long!? And that `idiot' man didn't even notice that she loves him!” Sakura's voice croaked. Memories of Sasuke leaving the village were back to her mind.

Naruto noticed the change of Sakura's voice, and he knew that he shouldn't talk about it anymore.

“You right, Sakura-chan…” Naruto sighed, “Maybe I'm a real dense idiot… But, Sakura-chan, is it too late to tell Hinata, that…. that I love her too…?”

Sakura's eyes widened in surprise. Naruto was having the same feeling like Hinata.

“Of course,” Sakura smiled as she wiped a tear on the corner of her eye, “it would help her in her waiting…”

“Thanks, Sakura-chan!” Naruto smiled happily, “you gave me enough courage! Now I'm gonna confess my feeling!”

“Ganbatte ne, Naruto!” Sakura raised her thumb up.

Naruto grinned confidently at her, and before he left, he said “Please tell Ino that I've found the one who will take care of Ukicchi!”


`He'll leave this village less than two days again…'

Hinata wiped her tears. Naruto would leave the village. She knew that his reason was for his own good. But she couldn't stand if he was not here anymore. Naruto was her number one reason to not giving up easily. Naruto was the number one person that gave her courage that she need.

But he would leave the village.

Worse, he didn't even know that she loved him. Really loved him.

And he would leave.

What would her days be without him? Even though she only dared to watch at his figure from
afar, she really needed him to be in the same place with her.

“Naruto-kun…” Hinata sobbed, and her tears fell slowly on her pink cheeks.

The sun has slipped down from its high place, it would be soon setting down. The sky coloured in burning crimson as the king moved slowly to its lair. Hinata watched at the view from the river bank with her teary eyes. The golden ray reflected beautifully at the water surface.

Naruto gaped at the view in front of his eyes, his hands clutched at Ukicchi's pots in his amusement.

Hinata was sitting near the river. She looked unreal… like a goddess that came down to the earth, just to give the ground the gorgeous taste of her tears.

Hinata felt that someone was watching at her. She looked up to see who it was, and she covered her mouth with her hands in shock when she found that it was Naruto. She quickly stood up from where she sat, and about to bolt from the place.

“No, Hinata! WAIT!” stopped Naruto before she could run. Hinata looked at him, startled that he had asked her to stay.

“Na- Naruto-kun…” Hinata wiped her tears. Her eyes have reddened, and so were her cheeks.

“I… I came her to meet you, Hinata…” Naruto approached her, “Kiba said that you are here…”

“Ah… uh… well… wh- what is it, Naruto-kun…?”

“Ugh…” Naruto found his self was difficult to speak, and instead of confessing his feelings, he asked; “why are you crying, Hinata…?”

`It is because of you…' that was what Hinata wanted to cry out loud, but indeed the words choked on her throat.

“If someone made you sad, tell me!” said Naruto, his grip on Ukicchi's pot grew tighter in anger.

`That someone was you…' the statement was again only mouthed by Hinata.

“No… n- nothing at all… i- it's okay, Naruto-kun…” Hinata shook her head softly.

“You sure?” asked Naruto anxiously.

`Am not…' was cried deep down in Hinata's heart.

“Yes… I'm okay, Naruto-kun…” Hinata smiled a soft fake smile.

“Err… well then…” Naruto said awkwardly, “Heard from Sakura-chan that you resisted to come at the farewell party. Why?”

`Because I couldn't stand to say good bye to you, Naruto-kun…' Hinata's eyes swelled in tears when the thought hit her.

“H- Hey! D- Don't cry, Hinata! Did I say something wrong!?” asked Naruto anxiously.

“I- I'm sorry… Naruto-kun…” Hinata wiped her tears, she didn't want to make Naruto worry
about her, “I… I couldn't come… Gomen nasai…”

“No, it's okay… I know what it feels to say good bye…” said Naruto, understanding her feelings.

“E- Eh…?” Hinata dumbfounded for hearing what he had said.

“I heard about your true reason from Sakura-chan too…” Naruto smiled a thin smile at her, “I'm sorry I didn't notice it earlier…”

“Na- Naruto-kun…?” Hinata gaped.

“Listen, Hinata… I… I want you to take care of Ukicchi…” Naruto handed the pot to Hinata, “he is my precious friend…”

“B- But… w- why me, Naruto-kun…?” asked Hinata as the blush on her cheeks grew brighter.

Without saying a thing, Naruto placed both of his hands on Hinata' shoulders, and he kissed her forehead softly. Hinata almost dropped the pot, if Naruto did not embrace her body tightly after the kiss.

“Aishiteru… Hinata…” whispered Naruto on her right ear.

Hinata's eyes widened in shock. Naruto kissed her. Naruto embraced her. Naruto loved her. It was all the same like in her dreams. He told her that he loved her…

Was it a dream too?

“Hinata…” Naruto whispered again to her, “I'm sorry I didn't notice it for long… all of your feelings… but now I know, Hinata… I know that you love me… and so do I…”

Hinata closed her eyes peacefully. She wanted to repeat the echo of Naruto's confession again in her mind. Again, again, and again.

“A- Arigatou… Naruto-kun…” said Hinata as her sparkling tears rolled down on her cheeks in her happiness.

Naruto tightened his embrace on Hinata's body. Their cheeks touched at the contact. Hinata felt the comfort and the warmth when her body getting closer to him.

“Asennatteba yo, Hinata. Nakanai de… Ore mo tsuraitteba yo, dakara dooka wakatteba, ne…?” Naruto soothed her.

H- Hai, Naruto-kun… wa- wakatta…” Hinata sniffed.

“Mattetatteba yo, Hinata …?” asked Naruto hopefully.

“H- Hai…” ensured Hinata, “Ki o tsukete ne… Naruto-kun…”
Naruto felt the warmth filled his heart when Hinata told her to take care. Was it what they called as love? If it was yes, then he wouldn't let go of it. He was really happy that he has it.

Naruto parted his head away from Hinata, but he was still embracing her. Hinata's cheeks were reddening when he looked straight to her eyes. This time, she tried to look back at him, because now she knew that he loved her.

“Close your eyes…” told Naruto in a low voice.

Hinata obeyed what he said. Not mere a second after she closed her eyes, she felt Naruto's lips touched her own. She felt the warmth of it. She felt the burning pleasure.

Naruto slowly wetting her lips with his tongue. Hinata shivered as she felt the touch. The spines of her nape stood, the clutch of her hands on the pot went tighter.

Hinata sent out a low moan from the back of her throat when Naruto pushed her tongue softly on her lips. Entered her, and explored the crevice of her mouth. He then took her tongue to dance with his own. The new sensation of each touch made their bodies shivered in pleasure.

When they broke up from the kiss, their breaths were rapid. Bright crimson appeared on both of their cheeks. That was their beautiful first kiss, and also a good bye kiss.

“I'll be waiting for you… Naruto-kun…” Hinata promised as she fell into a good bye cry. Naruto touched the lower of her eyes with his lips, kissed away her tears softly.

“Thank you, Hinata…”


Asennatteba yo: Calm down.
Nakanai de: Don't cry
Ore mo tsuraitteba yo: this is also hard for me.
Dakara… dooka wakatteba, ne…? : So please understand, okay?
Mattetatteba ne: Will you wait for me?
Ki o tsukete ne: Take care

AN: Okay, not already full-het yet, but it will be on the next chappies... Well, this is not a very new fic, i have posted it in comm naruhina before, but then again, not much reviews i got! so that's why i intended to post it again! dont worry, next chapters qill soon be on!
Just for you know, this fic will be in only 11 chapters (ch7 done so far), and it will serve you three optional ending. I'll make different endings and post it here, and later you can decide which ending you like best!

Btw, I just want to sy sorry to all of you who lost in contact with me, I'm ver sorry, honest! that's a lot of things to do in order to prepare my university entrance examination! and guess what, it paid! now i'm a student of Art, Design and Media of NTU, and live all by my self as an international student here in Singapore!

for my goodies, kamecchi and laadi-san, kaorien and shintari, I'm really sorry for being lost without news, i bet that you thought i went into the war at Lebanon, hohohoho.........

anyways, let's pray for the safety of our brothers there!

a popular quote from Giordano's products!

Love ya,

nb:x-posted like air, almost everywhere.... and also in some new communities i just enrolled! for the new people, just wanna say: "Hi, it's me!!! an author and artist, gender unknown, nationality unknown, and also existence still unknown in this fucking world! Just call me Shine or BakaShin, it's up toy you!! Nice to meet ya all!!"

That's it, cut the crap, better me scram soon.


Posted by: Speed (snarkylightning)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 06:41 pm (UTC)

I really love the expression on Neji's face in the first picture. You really captured the jealous look well in the second picture. Your fic cracked me up at the beginning. Naruto is pretty oblivious, isn't he? The ending of the chapter was sweet. Thanks for sharing your art and writing with us. :)

Posted by: shine_nagai (shine_nagai)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 07:59 pm (UTC)

Really?? I think I should be the one saying thanks for making such a wonderful community! I'm a fan of NejiHina and NaruHina, and cant decide which one is the best! So, the existence of this community really help me out, gee....
You like my pic? thank you very much! I'll try to draw more! and also about the fanfiction, it'll be coming soon! Yeah, I also like the ending of this too! I had to buy a Japanese cnversation book in order to make the Naruto's confession in Japanese! I thought it would be more dramatic!

Posted by: Speed (snarkylightning)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)

At first I was confused, but then I saw the glossary and then I understood what he was saying. It's too painful choosing a favorite couple from Naruto, Neji and Hinata; they're all equally wonderful.

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